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Leonie Huie BEM

Leonie Huie BEM self-care mentor
image of Leonie and her family

Leonie is a wife and proud mother to 3 children, twin daughters and a son. Her family are her everything, with home being her happy place.

Juggling work commitments and motherhood can be challenging and somewhat overwhelming for a mum of 3, but learning how to manage her time more effectively is one of Leonie strengths.


Leonie knows first hand the expectations women have on them to do well in life and succeed as well as being a parent, care giver and managing day-to-day home life which can be overwhelming.  She says "Women are very good at multitasking, but that isn't always a good thing because it leaves us feeling stressed and burnout which leads to overwhelm, unproductivity and not being able to look after yourself." 


Sometimes for women life can feel a bit like you're trapped in a rat race that never ends which is why Leonie is so passionate about self-care so she can help women improve their wellness. She is also passionate about breathwork, meditation and mindfulness and the positive effects it has on the mind, body and soul. This is something she practices regularly and incorporates into her business. 

Leonie loves spending family time with her husband and children and knows and understands the importance of work-life balance which is one of the key aspects of her
self-care mentoring package. For more information on Leonie, explore her website and follow her on the gram @leoniehuie + @theseflcentredhub. 

Leonie Huie BEM self-care mentor

Leonie has dedicated over 20 years to the field of education, imparting knowledge in some of London's most challenging secondary schools. Born and raised in North West London, on the famous Abbey Road, Leonie overcame personal challenges as a teenager having been excluded numerous times from school.


Despite not always having a passion for education, she discovered her calling when she started teaching. Focused on making a difference, Leonie chose to teach Health and Social Care, having always been fascinated by the human body and how it functions. Witnessing her students flourish and pursue successful careers in nursing, midwifery, social work, teaching, and more nothing has brought her greater pride than seeing her students achieve their goals and follow their dreams.

image of Leonie Huie when she was teaching
This is a picture of Leonie Huie receiving her British Empire Medal in the Queens New Years Honours List of 2021
Leonie Huie BEM self-care mentor

Leonie often talks about the challenges she faced as teacher during the pandemic. She describes this period as the most challenging part of her teaching career so, when she received a letter from the Honours Committee towards the end of 2020, informing her that she would be on the honours list, she was truly humbled. Subsequently, in the Queen's New Year Honours List of 2021, Leonie was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for her services to education.

Leonie was also invited to Westminster Abbey to witness the Coronation of Charles III, now King Charles in 2023. She said this was truly an amazing experience and was honoured to be selected to attend such an amazing event.

Let's Start Your 
Leonie Huie BEM self-care mentor

Driven by a fervour for self-development, Leonie initiated her coaching venture, specialising in working with women in business and leadership roles. Over time, her emphasis evolved to encompass self-care, marked by her teaching career in health and qualifications in MBCT and meditation. Leonie is passionate about self-care and wellness and knows the challenges faced to incorporate it into daily life. Leonie has a love for reading books on self-care and improvement, wellness, goal-setting and female entrepreneurship always finding ways to develop her skills so she help others.

As a self-care mentor, Leonie dedicates her time providing 1:1 and group mentoring sessions to women, including mothers helping them feel more human again and becoming the best versions of themselves. She also creates digital products that can be downloaded to help achieve self-care goals on-the-go.

Her areas of focus include self-care and self-improvement, reducing burnout and stress, goal setting, meditation and breathwork. Leonie wants to empower and support women improving their self-care from the inside out because she knows they wear many hats and often forgets to or don’t have time to put themselves first which she wants to change.

Leonie also provides talks, workshops and mini self-care retreats for corporate and public sector organisations to help improve staff well-being and balance in the workplace.


If this aligns with your interests, please click the button below to discover how Leonie can provide valuable support to you, your friends and your colleagues on their journey of self-care.

Leonie Huie BEM self-care mentor
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