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bringing wellness to the HEART OF work

Hi there! I’m Leonie, a dedicated self-care coach providing corporate wellness to the workplace. I understand the pressing need for businesses to prioritise the well-being of their employees especially in today's fast-paced work environments where stress, burnout and overwhelm have become all too common, adversely impacting both individual employees and overall organisational productivity.


I’m here to change that!


I provide tailored mini retreats to corporate companies offering practical solutions to alleviate burn out and stress, and helping to improve staff wellbeing by giving employees the tools, tips + techniques necessary to cultivate resilience and prioritise self-care amidst their professional responsibilities.

Through interactive sessions, I empower participants to proactively manage stress, establish healthy boundaries, and foster sustainable work-life balance. By investing in employee well-being, companies not only demonstrate their commitment to their staff's health and happiness but also reap the rewards of improved morale, enhanced productivity, and reduced staff turnover. Together, let's create a workplace culture where self-care thrives, and employee’s flourish.

  • The most common cause of stress is work-related stress with 79% saying they frequently felt it (Statistica).

  • 61% of UK employees say they feel exhausted at the end of most working days (MHFA)

  • 1 in 5 UK workers reported feeling unable to manage stress and pressure in the workplace (Mental Health UK Burnout, 2023).

  • Deloitte reported that 64% of managers have considered quitting for a job that would better support their wellbeing. 

  • 41% of 25–34-year-olds feel pressured to succeed, versus just 17% of 45–54-year-olds (Mental Health Foundation + YouGov).

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Leonie Huie Self-Care Coach
This data is proof that self-care is important within the workplace. Stress and burnout clearly effects a large number of working people and to change this, companies need to find supportive ways to improve workplace wellness.

Promoting daily self-care practices in the workplace can benefit the mental and physical health of employees. Self-care helps to improve focus and productivity, and fosters a positive working environment where all can thrive.

As a Self-Care Coach I aim to empower employees to prioritise their mental, emotional, and physical health. Through my mini self-care retreats I want staff to feel healthier and happier creating sustainable practices that promote work-life balance.



Hi, I'm Leonie. A Self-Care Coach and Meditation and Breathwork Teacher. I am very passionate about working with organisations to help improve employee wellness. Having spent over 20 years in education I know first-hand the feelings of stress and burn out have on the body making you feel tired, overwhelmed and unproductive.

In all my time in the education sector I never stopped to think about my self-care or health and wellbeing, I just kept working feeling burnt out, stressed, tired and overwhelmed. I just kept working! I always had something to do at work and often took work home which continued late into the evening. My life soon became consumed by my job and I thought this was normal.

Post-pandemic after being in lockdown working online and mothering twin toddlers my mindset change, my priorities changed and I started to work smarter which increased my productivity. I made small steps of change such as leaving work on time at least 3 times a week and started do activities outside the office that made me happy, which felt good. My life was no longer consumed by work and it felt liberating. My stress levels reduced as did the feelings of tiredness and overwhelm, and I now help others to feel the same.

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Our workplace retreats consist of various activities to help employees improve their wellness. They will experience the following:

a list of

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Mini Retreat

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