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Leonie Huie BEM

self-care coach + meditation & breathwork teacher

image of leonie's twins and multiples parenting book

The First Year is Survival 

The essential guide to parenting twins + multiples

Hey, I'm Leonie, welcome to my page. I am the author of The First Year Is Survival, an informative self-help guide to
help parents and caregivers of twins + multiples survive the first year of parenthood.

As a mother of twins, I know first-hand the challenges that parenthood can bring and that no two days are the same.

Having multiple children is like a whole new world to parenting, you experience things you'd never dreamed of whilst
learning new skills daily surprising yourself at how good you are with multi-tasking.

My book provides personal reflections of parenting and interviews with parents of multiples from around the world to
help you gain real life insights to raising multiples in the first 365 days. It also openly addresses various challenges

parents and caregivers face such as anxiety, post-natal depression, returning to work, behavioural and emotional
and offers advice about how to get a good night’s sleep, communicating with your partner, maintaining a

healthy relationship with your friends and family, and how to avoid shutting down and shutting up.

My book also provides note pages at the end of each chapter for parents and caregivers to write down any special dates,

occasions and memories that can be shared with your multiples when they are older. By the end of the book, the aim is
that parents and caregivers have a more practical and
realistic idea of what to do to help and support a new family
throughout that first year. You never know, you may even find that you've 
not just survived but thrived over those first 12 months!

I really hope you enjoy this read and always appreciate any feedback 😊

Leonie Huie BEM self-care coach
Leonie Huie BEM self-care coach
Amazon review
Amazon review
amazon review
Leonie Huie BEM self-care coach


My fraternal twin girls were two when I decided to write this book. The first year as a twin mum went so quick for me and also felt like
a whirlwind in some respect. I suffered from severe anxiety, OCD and insomnia which made the first year even more challenging.

With this in mind, my mission was to help parents and caregivers of multiples be a bit more prepared and give them some practical advice and tips on what to expect in the first year. Yes, every family dynamic is different as are the children which is why I interviewed a wide range of families with twins, triplets and quads to give their experiences of life with multiples in the first year.

Amazon review
Leonie Huie BEM self-care coach
about being a mum of twins!
image explains what leonie loves about being a twin mum
image of leonie's twin daughters

Self-Care Mentoring for Mum's

If you're a mum feeling a bit overwhelmed and burnout from all that life throws at you, I have a solution to your problems! I provide self-care mentoring for mums to help them reduce feelings of burnout and prioritise their health and well-being without the 'Mum's Guilt!'

To find out more about how I can support you click the button to start your self-care journey

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