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My soul purpose is to help you care for  you.

Hi, I’m Leonie.

As a passionate Self-Care Coach, my mission is to simply help women put themselves first

so they can focus on some well needed self-care and self-love in their life.

As women we wear so many hats, carryout multiple tasks and are always on the go.

We seldom stop to think about what we need in our lives to feel abundantly good about ourselves.

We truly are selfless beings and because of this, we often experience high levels of burnout, stress

and overwhelm. Let's not forget that constant feeling of tiredness which is often hard to shake.


Well... I'm here to change this!


Join me on a transformational self-care journey where I'll work with you 1:1 to help you  

feel whole again. Achieve self-care goals, prioritise your wellness and be more happy with

who you are. You'll receive personalised self-care coaching and access to some of

my life changing digital products that can be used whilst you're on-the-go.


Feel good about yourself!

Take part in this self-survey to find out the best way I can help you on your self-care journey.

Hey you!

Are you a woman struggling with finding time to achieve your self-care goals and improve life as it currently is? I hear you! You might have a list of wellness goals you want to achieve this year, the improvements you want to pursue or changes that need to be made, but trying to juggle all that life has to throw at you can sometime be overwhelming and frustrating deterring you from what is most important, YOU!


Having me as your self-care coach that provides you with support, guidance and empowerment on your journey to a better you can be such a transformational experience, helping you to overcome the obstacles holding you back from holistic

Does this sound like you?

★ I'm burnout and never have time for me.

★ I am juggling work, family and life commitments, it's overwhelming.

★ I'm desperate to improve my wellbeing but never have the time.

★ My stress levels are unreal, I need to put myself first for a change.

Well... if this is you, you're in the right place for support!

I'm here to listen, guide and support you on your self-care journey helping to reduce feelings of burn out, overwhelm and high levels of stress. I will provide you with quick, long lasting solutions to self-care, self-improvement and self-love.

To find out more about how I can help you, contact me for a free 30 minute connection call by clicking here.

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Write your own version of success, plan and live it out, your way!

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