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Congratulations on taking the next step on your self-care journey.

what is self-care mentoring for women?

Self-care mentoring for women is a supportive and empowering journey focused on helping women prioritise their well-being and develop sustainable self-care practices. Whether navigating the complexities of career burnout , relationships, family, or personal growth, self-care mentors provide guidance, encouragement, and practical tools to support women on their self-care journey.

Self-care mentoring involves understanding the unique challenges and pressures that women face in various aspects of their lives, such as societal expectations, gender roles, and personal aspirations. It means creating a safe space for women to explore their needs, values, and goals, and helping them identify self-care activities that resonate with their individual preferences and lifestyles.

What's included in the mentoring?

-You’ll receive 6 weeks of mentoring over 3 bi-weekly sessions via Zoom.
-Effective self-care goal setting and planning with actionable strategies.
-Simple self-care tools to help you improve your wellness holistically.
-Support via text and WhatsApp.
-Regular feedback, advice and accountability.
-How to incorporate daily affirmations to help start each day positively

who is this self-care program for?

-Women who don't have enough time for self-care and are desperate for some 'me time.'
-Women that have multiple jobs and constantly feel burnt out.
-Women who want to improve their work-life balance and create healthy boundaries.
-Women who want to make positive changes in their life.
-Women that want to regain feelings of self-love and improve their confidence.  

How much is the 6 week program?

- £777 (payment options available)

Women matter title


"Joining Leonie's 6-week self-care mentoring program was one of the best decisions I've made for myself. I used to feel guilty for taking time to prioritise my own needs, but this program has shifted my perspective entirely. Through 1:1 sessions and personalised guidance, I've learned practical strategies to enhance my self-care routine. The results have been remarkable - I feel more energised, focused, and less stressed. This program is truly a lifeline for any woman looking to invest in her well-being."

Rachelle Johnson

"As a working woman juggling multiple responsibilities, I often neglected my own well-being. Leonie's self-care mentoring program has been a game-changer for me. Through insightful lessons and practical exercises, I've not only learned the importance of self-care but also how to implement it effectively into my daily routine. It's helped me reduce feelings of burnout and overwhelm, and I feel more empowered to prioritise my own needs."

Sophia Rosse

"I cannot recommend Leonie's self-care mentoring program enough! As a busy professional and mother, I struggled to find time for myself amidst all my responsibilities. This program has taught me that self-care is not selfish but essential for overall well-being. It's equipped me with valuable tools to manage stress and create boundaries, leading to a significant improvement in my work-life balance. I feel more centred and resilient in the face of life's challenges. Thank you so much."

Emily Giles

This survey has been designed to help me better understand your self-care needs

and goals so I can help you achieve them. Please answer the questions below 👇

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