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Leonie Huie BEM

Developing Self Approach

Welcome to the Developing Self Approach™ A 12 week goal driven group coaching programme designed for females in leadership who want to improve themselves in their field.
Plan, implement and achieve your goals by developing yourself through inner work so that you can help develop others in your team. Witness transformational change in yourself and your abilities to become a confident and dynamic female who leads from the front.                

Being an effective female leader is powerful and transformative. It involves embracing a diverse perspective and fostering an inclusive environment. As a female leader, I understand the importance of smashing through that glass ceiling and making effective, lasting change that gets results! But, before you are able to do that, you need to know and understand the type of leader you are and the areas of yourself you want to develop so that you can use your skills and qualities to confidently develop and support your team.

Let's working together!

Who can apply?

This programme is open to all female leaders who are in a position of responsibility and lead a team. If you want to develop yourself focusing on inner work, using your skills effectively, understanding the type of leader you want to become and developing your team, then this programme is for you. 

In this programme you will:

★ Understand what type of leader you are and want to be.

★ Set goals to achieve that will help you develop as a confident female leader.

★ Overcome self-sabotage and self-doubt.

Use strategies to effectively help support and develop your team.

Learn deal with difficult conversations and motivate your team.

How are the session run? 

This course is a mixture of face-to-face and online sessions via Zoom. In between each session you will be expected to work on achieving your goals you set yourself and use your developing self journal to record your thoughts, feelings, experiences and progress you have made. You will also have one 1:1 session where we'll focus on an area of your choosing.

What's included in the sessions? 

Session 1: Introduction to self-development, why journaling? Who am I? Face-to-face session in a central London location.

Session 2: Inner work, 360 tool feedback, guest speaker. Online session via zoom.

Session 3: Goal-setting, time management, supporting your team. Online session via zoom.

Session 4: Be confident and courageous, lead from the front, dealing with difficult conversation, guest speaker. Online session via zoom.

Session 5: Raising your profile as a leader, avoiding imposter syndrome & self-doubt, guest speaker. Online session via zoom.

Session 6: Who am I now? Keep journaling, reflection, next steps. Face-to-face session in a central London location.

The 1:1 session will be arranged to suit your schedule.

What are the outcomes? 

★ Being a confident female leader that affects change.

★ Knowing and understanding what kind of leader you are.

★ Setting achievable goals that aid you and your teams development.

★ Having a clear vision and plan of action for your self-development journey.

★ Leading a proactive team that gets results.

★ Improved skills and mindset as a female leader in a position of empowerment.

What's the cost of the programme?

Middle Leaders Programme - £497 +VAT

This includes the 12-week programme consisting of both face-to-face and online sessions, guest speakers, group discussions and exercises on self-development. There will also be one 1:1 coaching session (30 mins) focusing on an area of personal development.

Senior Leaders Programme - £697 + VAT

This includes the middle leaders program and two 1:1 coaching sessions (50 mins) focusing on up to two area of personal development. Self-development resources to share with your team.

Self-development is crucial for female leaders as it empowers them to navigate the complexities of professional roles while fostering personal growth. Investing in skills enhancement, emotional intelligence, and strategic thinking allows female leaders to excel in their roles and contribute meaningfully to their organisations. However, here are some common obstacles that can be overcome and goals that can be achieved:

Common Obstacles 

★ Gender biases + stereotypes

★ Imposter syndrome
★ Lack of representation

★ Unequal opportunities 

★ Work-life balance pressures 

★ A glass ceiling effect

★ Your vision being opposed to

★ Limited access to coaching/mentorship

Your Goals

Being a confident female leader

★ Opportunities to develop and grow 

★ Better work-life balance  

★ Having a team that buys into your vision

★ More coaching/mentorship opportunities

 Eradicate imposter syndrome and self-doubt

 Be able to live life on your terms 

Are you ready to start your self-development journey? 

Leonie Huie BEM Self-Care Coach


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